Wireless LAN Card

Wireless LAN Cards

Today the internet has become a necessity for most of us rather than a luxury. Without the internet, the structure of the modern world will come to a halt and we won’t be able to perform the most basic day-to-day tasks. Wireless LAN cards are at the centre of this and they make the connectivity over internet possible. If you want to buy wireless LAN cards at wholesale rates then BulkDevices is the perfect supplier for you. Our store has all the new and refurbished IT products from all the top brands in the market like HP, Acer, and Intel. 

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Understanding Wireless LAN Cards And Their Functions

Wireless LAN cards are also commonly known as Wi-Fi adapters and they are a type of networking device that enables a computer to connect to a wireless network. These devices use radio signals to send and receive data, so they do not require a physical cable connection to the internet. This feature makes wireless LAN cards an important component of most computers and laptops

All high-speed LAN cards work by converting the data from the computer into radio waves.

These radio signals are then transmitted to a wireless access point,  which is a device that connects the wireless network to the Internet. The WAP then converts the signals back into the data. 

Different Types of Wireless LAN Cards

Depending on the device and the application that it is intended for the Wi-Fi adapters are available in a lot of different types. The following are the most common types among customers.

PCIe Wireless Cards: These types of cards are built into the PCIe slot of the motherboard. The PCIe cards provide the best speed and performance among all the types because they are directly connected to the PCIe bus of the motherboard which is a high-speed data transfer path.

USB WiFi Adapters: As the name suggests, the USB Wi-Fi adapters are simply plugged into the USB port of the computer. They are portable and easy to manage but they provide relatively slower internet speed than PCIe cards. 

Dual-band Wireless LAN Cards: The dual-band cards are unique in a way that they support both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi bands. 

Buy wireless LAN cards at wholesale rates from BulkDevices for better internet connections. Our extensive collection has the best Wi-Fi adapters from brands like Hp, Acer, and Intel. If you have any confusion in selecting the right high-speed Wi-Fi cards, then our team of IT specialists can guide you to the right product. Just leave us a message and experience lightning-fast internet speeds. 

How to Buy the Best WiFi Adapters 

The LAN cards come in a lot of different types, features, and form factors and when you are out in the market to buy wireless LAN cards, you should keep the following features or factors into consideration.

  • Wireless Standards
  • Data Transfer Rate
  • Frequency Bands
  • Number of Antennas
  • Security Features
  • Compatibility
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