Server Chassis

Server Chassis

The server chassis is a vital hardware piece that will host all your server components. We feature modern server chassis built of high-quality materials designed to stay with you for years to come. Server chassis is prone to damage, especially in today's world, when manufacturers tend to focus less on the system's outer build. Modern chassis systems like the ones we feature are aesthetically pleasing and offer built-in cooling systems while being easy to install. Featuring top brands like Hp, Dell, D-Link, and Intel, our server chassis offers compatibility for a vast number of server models. We offer refurbished and used server chassis for extra savings, ensuring you get precisely what you want. We have brought together both tower and rack server chassis of various sizes, giving you the ability to buy products for precise requirements. 

That's not all! We have got more to offer. Our servers inventory contains hundreds of server-related products, including complete server systems, parts, accessories, barebones, and more.

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  1. PEM710-0CTRL

    Dell M710 Blade Chassis for PowerEdge...

    £177.29 £147.74
  2. PEM610-0CTRL

    Dell M610 Blade Chassis for PowerEdge...

    £118.66 £98.88
  3. 88Y6650

    IBM FlexSystem Chassis...

    £904.00 £753.33
  4. 8677-3RG

    IBM BladeCentre Chassis...

    £370.73 £308.94
  5. 8852CTO

    IBM BladeCenter H 9U Configure-to-Order Server Cha...

    £1,148.58 £957.15
  6. PER530V3-CTO

    Dell PowerEdge R530 Configure-to-Order Chassis...

    £1,154.98 £962.48
  7. CSE-836

    Supermicro 3U Rack-Mount Server Chassis With 2x Po...

    £749.94 £624.95
  8. 8737-AC1

    IBM Flex System x240 Configure-to-Order Blade Chas...

    £182.34 £151.95
  9. PER300-CTO

    Dell PowerEdge R300 Configure-to-Order Chassis...

    £114.00 £95.00
  10. PER720-CHASSIS

    Dell PowerEdge R720 Server Chassis...

    £694.14 £578.45
  11. N20-C6508

    N20-C6508 - Cisco UCS 5108 Blade Server Chassis...

    £162.54 £135.45
  12. 8886-CTO

    IBM 7U BladeCenter S Chassis with 4x Power Supply ...

    £863.99 £719.99
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394 items

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