Processors Boards

Processor Boards

With bulk devices' superior quality processor boards, your central processing unit will take you to new realms of performance and productivity. is an online retailer that is famous for its reliable and affordable IT hardware solutions. Products at have acquired keeping with the goal to provide the maximum value to the customers. We believe that, despite ever-changing technology and the latest innovation, there is always space for upgrading the old equipment before replacing it with the new one. 

Processor boards are one of those components which is used to upgrade and improve the performance of the processors. Furthermore, processor boards extend the life of processors by keeping them safe from over-heating and losing their potential. 

If you feel that your processor is not working at its full potential or has started showing signs of weakness, then has the processor boards that will instantly solve this issue. All you need to do is choose the right processor board for your processor and Voila! You are good to go. Check out our wide category of processor board for every high-end processor

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  1. 540-6233

    Sun CPU Memory UniBoard with 4x US IV 1200MHz...

    £1,602.42 £1,335.35
  2. 540-6083

    Sun CPU Memory Uniboard with 4x US III Cu 1.2GHz ...

    £237.60 £198.00
  3. 540-5849

    Sun CPU Memory UniBoard with 4CH US III Cu 1200MH...

    £237.60 £198.00
  4. 501-4882

    Sun CPU Memory Board...

    £155.93 £129.94
  5. 316145-001

    HP Processor Control Board for SAN 2140 Switch...

    £1,922.54 £1,602.12
  6. 10N9995

    IBM 2-Core 4.2GHz Processor Card Backplane for POW...

    £326.88 £272.40
  7. XUS4BRD-484-1500

    Sun CPUMemory Uniboard 4...

    £1,602.42 £1,335.35
  8. X6895A

    Sun CPUMemory Board with 2 US III CU 1200MHz 4GB M...

    £114.01 £95.01
  9. 540-6077

    Sun CPUMemory UniBoard with 4...

    £2,036.16 £1,696.80
  10. 540-6038

    Sun CPUMemory UniBoard 4x 1200MHz UltraSPARC IV 0M...

    £879.53 £732.94
  11. 540-4979

    Sun 4 x 900MHz CPU Memory Board...

    £1,747.00 £1,455.83
  12. 501-7058

    Sun CPUMemory Board with 2x UltraSPARC IV 1.5GHz 0...

    £132.82 £110.68
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