Server Systems

Server Systems

We all know desktop computers are not very useful in work environments or large businesses. Computer servers are essential in work environments where optimized systems are required that are able to focus on dedicated workload. The robust systems are managed through server operating systems that help us utilize the system. Since servers are vital devices in work environments on which entire networks are dependant, the quality cannot be compromised. We offer computer server systems from renowned brands and trusted reviews allowing you to save time when making purchases. Our assortment also extends to system management servers that can easily manage many devices on networks making sure everything is right. The robust server systems also require the best server operating systems, which we also provide for you.

We have an organized library of server products giving you a trusted platform to make all your server purchases. 

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  1. 403111-B21

    403111-B21 - HP ProLiant ML150 G3 Base Model Tower...

    £1,718.47 £1,432.06
  2. 403112-B21

    403112-B21 - HP ProLiant ML150 G3 Base Model Tower...

    £1,792.38 £1,493.65
  3. 470064-917

    470064-917 - HP SE1120 4GB RAM Server...

    £1,773.91 £1,478.26
  4. AE403A

    HP ProLiant ML310 G3 1TB Storage Server...

    £3,478.44 £2,898.70
  5. AE398A

    HP ProLiant ML310 G3 512MB RAM 640GB HDD 5U Rack-M...

    £3,095.46 £2,579.55
  6. D5028A

    D5028A - HP LXr Pentium Pro 200MHz CPU 256MB RAM N...

    £784.55 £653.79
  7. D3608A

    D3608A - HP LS2 133 64MB RAM Net Server 5...

    £336.01 £280.01
  8. AQ718A

    AQ718A - HP ProLiant DL185 G5 Special Rack Server...

    £14,550.00 £12,125.00
  9. A3284A

    A3284A - HP 9000 Series 800 K460 2-Way Server...

    £1,176.83 £980.69
  10. A3205A

    A3205A - HP 9000 Series K260 Server...

    £1,387.42 £1,156.18
  11. A2363A

    A2363A - HP 9000 Series I50 RISC 96MHz CPU Server...

    £1,344.06 £1,120.05
  12. A4871B

    A4871B - HP 9000 K380 SMP Server...

    £3,840.16 £3,200.13
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3790 items

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