Storage Devices

Computer Storage Devices

A data storage device enables its users to store access data and applications. Every computer has both primary and secondary storage. It allows storing massive data into a small space which makes sharing of information easy. These devices have the potential to store data temporarily as well as permanently.

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A storage device is used to store instructions, data, and information when they aren’t in the process of memory. These data storing devices are of two types primary and secondary storage. They are very beneficial for the backup of data and applications. Storage isn’t only essential for file saving but also for running applications and tasks. Any type of file you create or save on your pc is saved in the storage device and your processor plays an important part in accessing the data.

Storage pc devices are also called storage media or storage medium. Computers without storage devices can’t survive. They neither save nor remember information in the absence of storage pc devices and would be examined as a dumb machine. In the present times, storage devices are available in various sizes and shapes with a large capacity for keeping the data. It can be measured in gigabytes or terabytes. Storage devices are of both types, they can store information both in temporary and permanent form. 

Types of Storage Devices

1) Hard Drive Disks

2) Floppy Disks

3) Compact Disks (CDs)

4) DVD and Blu-ray Discs

5) Solid State Drives (SSDs)

Hard Disk Drives

The hard disk is also known as HD that stores all your digital content. They are mostly pre-installed on every laptop and desktop. It stores software programs and operating system files.

Floppy Disks

A Floppy disk is a magnetic storage medium for information and data storage. It is also called a diskette. Their capability of storing data wasn’t large and it was around 360 KB to 1.44 MB. 

Compact Discs (CDs)      

The most common storage device is a compact disc (CD). It is one of the reliable data storage mediums. This disc has high fidelity which allows storing substantial files.

DVD and Blu-ray Discs

DVD and Blu-Ray are larger memory backup devices. Both can store a vast amount of data. But in the comparison between these two Blu-Ray is far superior to DVD. You can easily avail yourself of the opportunity to buy data storage devices through the online store. Blu-Ray has high resolution and its standard capacity of holding data is 25 GB as compared to DVD that is 4.7 GB.

SSD for laptop

These drives use flash memory for data storage. The major benefit of SSD for laptop is fast speed, high reliability, and low time for reading access.

Storage Devices are crucial for computer data storage. All the data and instructions are saved in it. Primary and secondary are two types of storage devices. There is an extensive range of saving devices that starts from small data storage devices to large storage devices. It is one of the key points that these devices aren’t only used to store applications but also play a significant role in the running of data and tasks. 

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