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Investing in a high-quality processor board is the best decision you can make when putting together a computer system. A processor board holds all the necessary ingredients required to run your system seamlessly. Ultimately, a processor board will help you utilize the maximum capabilities of your hardware devices. At Bulk Devices, we feature hundreds of processor boards and VRM modules for a large number of devices and models that are in use today.

Best Single Board and MC-Unit Computers

Whether you want a Single Board Computer with Windows or the modern Microcontroller Unit, we have got you covered. With the extensive variety of use cases today, we allow you to get completely optimized boards for the demanding needs of today’s generation. Our single board computers are integrated with windows 10 to provide maximum performance in the industry as well as general applications. We have taken great care in creating a smart user-interface and a widely applicable stock that separates us from other competitors and allows us to gain your satisfaction.

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  1. 540-6233

    Sun CPU Memory UniBoard with 4x US IV 1200MHz...

    £1,602.42 £1,335.35
  2. 540-6083

    Sun CPU Memory Uniboard with 4x US III Cu 1.2GHz ...

    £237.60 £198.00
  3. 540-5849

    Sun CPU Memory UniBoard with 4CH US III Cu 1200MH...

    £237.60 £198.00
  4. 501-4882

    Sun CPU Memory Board...

    £155.93 £129.94
  5. 316145-001

    HP Processor Control Board for SAN 2140 Switch...

    £1,922.54 £1,602.12
  6. 10N9995

    IBM 2-Core 4.2GHz Processor Card Backplane for POW...

    £326.88 £272.40
  7. XUS4BRD-484-1500

    Sun CPUMemory Uniboard 4...

    £1,602.42 £1,335.35
  8. X6895A

    Sun CPUMemory Board with 2 US III CU 1200MHz 4GB M...

    £114.01 £95.01
  9. 540-6077

    Sun CPUMemory UniBoard with 4...

    £2,036.16 £1,696.80
  10. 540-6038

    Sun CPUMemory UniBoard 4x 1200MHz UltraSPARC IV 0M...

    £879.53 £732.94
  11. 540-4979

    Sun 4 x 900MHz CPU Memory Board...

    £1,747.00 £1,455.83
  12. 501-7058

    Sun CPUMemory Board with 2x UltraSPARC IV 1.5GHz 0...

    £132.82 £110.68
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