Tape Drives

Tape drives

Tape drives are a type of external storage device primarily used to take backups of extensive data. These are very much alike to a zip disk, but they work on small storage tape technology. Tape drives work like a tape recorder. It reads and records data from the computer and then writes it on to the tapes to save data permanently. The only drawback of tape drives is that it is comparatively slow, and since it works on tape technology, it needs to read scattered data which is not suitable for many storage purposes. However, for backups tape drives are the most optimum devices.

The benefit of high-end tape drives is that you can add more storage capacity to them by adding more tapes which are quite useful when you have continually increased storage needs. They are substantially cheaper than hard disks drive and serves the purpose effectively.

If you need to have large backups of your essential data, then buy tape drives of good quality that are readily available at BulkDevices.co.uk. Bulk Devices have the best tape drives in the market with a wide variety to choose from. Users can choose drives, depending on their needs. Bulk Devices have a collection of the latest and used tape drives for customers who don't want to invest too much in storage.


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  1. 2Y359

    Dell SDLT320 160320GB SCSI Low Voltage Differentia...

    £600.07 £500.06
  2. 0TKC16

    Dell 2.50TB6.25TB LTO-6 HH SAS Internal Tape Drive...

    £1,617.20 £1,347.67
  3. 0P6030

    Dell 400800GB LTO-3 Internal Tape Drive for PowerV...

    £645.20 £537.67
  4. 0JX41N

    Dell 1.5TB 3TB LTO-5 SAS HH External Tape Drive...

    £1,455.20 £1,212.67
  5. 0V3FYJ

    Dell LTO-5 HH V2 Dual SAS Tape Drive...

    £1,293.20 £1,077.67
  6. 0H31F4

    Dell 1.5TB 3TB LTO-5 SAS External Tape Drive...

    £1,293.20 £1,077.67
  7. 0M69TX

    Dell 1.5TB3TB LTO-5 SAS HH Internal Tape Drive...

    £1,293.20 £1,077.67
  8. 0T510K

    Dell Pv114t With SAS Lto4 Tape Drive...

    £1,816.01 £1,513.34
  9. 0C9261

    Dell 200400GB LTO2 SELVDSCSI 68-Pin PV114T 2 Tape ...

    £347.12 £289.27
  10. 0CH1R6

    Dell IBM PowerVault 110T LT0-4 8001600GB External...

    £726.20 £605.17
  11. 0W578C

    Dell 8001600GB LTO-4 SAS PV114T HH Internal Tape D...

    £612.80 £510.67
  12. 0G65FJ

    Dell 800GB 1600GB LTO-4 SAS HH Internal Tape Driv...

    £612.80 £510.67
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