Duplex printing is different from the usual printing because it prints two sides of the paper automatically. Duplex printing comes in two ways; Single-engine is the most commonly used duplexer, prints on one side of the paper then automatically flip the paper to print on the other side. The other type of duplex printing is double engine duplexing which prints both sides of the paper simultaneously. 

Duplexer comes as an additional component of the printer which can attach later on depending on your requirements. Duplexer on the printer is a useful device when it comes to convenience and efficiency because it saves time as well as effort. However, it sometimes gets challenging to find the right duplexer that supports your printer. For that purpose, bulkdevices.co.uk has gathered a wide range of automatic duplexers. You can get your specified laser printer duplexer quickly. Bulkdevices.co.uk offers a variety of printer accessories at competitive prices and swift delivery so that customers can get what they want without much effort.

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  1. F2G69-67901

    HP Automatic Duplex Assembly for M604n M604dn M6...

    £307.26 £256.05
  2. CN598-67004

    HP Duplex Module 6 Assembly for OfficeJet Pro X451...

    £66.90 £55.75
  3. C9936A

    HP Duplex Automatic Documents Feeder for ScanJet 8...

    £376.96 £314.13
  4. CQ821-60001

    HP Duplexer Assembly for OfficeJet Pro 8500A Plus ...

    £145.66 £121.38
  5. CN459-60311

    HP Duplex Drive Module Assembly for OfficeJet Pro ...

    £78.41 £65.34
  6. CC468-67915

    HP Secondary Duplex Transfer Assembly for LaserJet...

    £83.86 £69.88
  7. C9278-60001

    HP Duplexer Assembly for OfficeJet Pro L7590 Print...

    £97.98 £81.65
  8. C8955A

    HP Duplexer Assembly for DeskJet 6122 Printer...

    £69.90 £58.25
  9. C8532-67903

    HP Duplexer Assembly for LaserJet 9000 Printer...

    £451.56 £376.30
  10. C8253-60001

    HP Duplexer Assembly for Business InkJet 1200 Prin...

    £116.80 £97.33
  11. C8248A

    HP Duplexer Assembly for DeskJet 9600 Printer...

    £100.75 £83.96
  12. C8219A

    HP Auto Duplexer Assembly for DesignJet Cp1700 26...

    £160.52 £133.77
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