Memory Boards

Memory Boards

Your typical memory boards are not so different from the primary ROM storage. Memory boards are tiny little modules that fit into your motherboard to give you those extra bits of memory which your computer would utilize into storing more data.

Like all storage peripherals and memory devices, computer memory boards also come in various sizes. They can reach up to many gigabytes as well. Following the general rule of computer memory, the more storage capacity your memory board has, the faster your computer works.

Doesn’t the idea of a computer performing tasks as fast as the blink of an eye entice you? Well, we thought so! For that reason alone, we have assembled all the storage modules and memory devices that your computer can ever need to go from being a slow turtle to being as fast as flash. We offer desktop boards from popular brands like Intel and Dell, so that your brand-conscious self may forever remain satisfied with our service.

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  1. 630-7667

    Apple Mac Pro Memory Riser Card...

    £133.56 £111.30
  2. 454592-001

    HP Processor Memory Board for ProLiant DL585 Gen5...

    £210.47 £175.39
  3. 419617-001

    HP Processor Memory Board For ProLiant DL585 G2 Se...

    £140.45 £117.04
  4. 802277-001

    HP DDR4 12-DIMM Memory Cartridge Riser Board Assem...

    £111.06 £92.55
  5. 773611-001

    HP DIMM Memory Cartridge Assembly for ProLiant DL5...

    £250.48 £208.73
  6. 12R6721

    IBM 4/8GB DDR 266 MHz CUoD Memory Card...

    £172.44 £143.70
  7. 21H6512

    IBM 128MB DIMM Memory Module for AS/400...

    £91.45 £76.21
  8. A1703-60031

    HP Memory Extended Board...

    £113.22 £94.35
  9. 04N4808

    IBM 16-Slot SDRAM DIMM Memory Carrier Card...

    £103.22 £86.02
  10. 219286-001

    Compaq Memory Expansion Board for Proliant 5000...

    £46.64 £38.87
  11. 08HJ4P

    Dell CPU / Memory Expansion Board for PowerEdge R8...

    £440.54 £367.12
  12. AH233-2109D

    HP DL785G5 Processor Memory CELL BLADE...

    £110.63 £92.19
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