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When storing important files, the fear of losing them can be overwhelming. With new methods of storing data, like USBs and hard drives that are prone to errors and corruption, data loss can be inevitable.

Bulk Devices contribute to your data safekeeping by providing you with optical media storage devices such as blank CDs, DVDs, or Blu-rays that give you the convenience of storing all your data in one place without it being lost to viruses or any other faults since they’re not that frequently used. Our Blank CDs, DVD discs, and blank Blu-Ray discs provide reliable solutions for your storage problems with a large storage capacity. Compatible with older devices like VCRs or Media Players, these storage devices can be useful in a myriad of cases where flash drives may fail you. The Blank DVD discs offered by Bulk Devices come in many different DVD formats that have a considerably long media life, to begin with, and provide very high data stability.

However, if you’re still unsure of choosing optical storage devices for your data storage, then we are still relevant to your needs. Bulk Devices offers external storage devices like USB flash drives and external hard drives with an immensely large storing capacity as well. All of these are just a click away!

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  1. 23R2567

    IBM 5.25 UDO Media30 GB...

    £80.81 £67.34
  2. 88147J

    HP 5.2GB Rewritable Magneto-Optical Disk...

    £63.52 £52.93
  3. 92290F

    HP 2.6GB 1024bs Write-once Magneto-Optical Disk...

    £64.28 £53.57
  4. 59H5629

    IBM 5.25 UDO MediaRewritable UDO60GB...

    £189.52 £157.93
  5. 9406-4633

    IBM DVD-RAM Internal Optical Drive...

    £120.96 £100.80
  6. 9406-4530

    IBM DVD-RAM...

    £120.96 £100.80
  7. 70XX-5757

    IBM 4.7GB IDE Slimline DVD-RAM...

    £121.51 £101.26
  8. EDM-4800C

    Sony 4.8GB Rewritable 5.25 M.O Magneto Optical Dis...

    £285.60 £238.00
  9. 27L4351

    IBM DVD-ROM Optical Drive for ThinkPad T30...

    £56.58 £47.15
  10. 09G7344

    IBM 5.25 Magneto Optical MediaRewritable1.3GB5.252...

    £68.89 £57.41
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10 Items

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