Server Motherboards

Server Motherboards

Server motherboards are also known as the main system board integrated within a systemized network consisting of servers, hard drives, and other peripherals. A server motherboard pretty much takes up an ordinary desktop motherboard's role by powering up the entire computer unit. 

It takes care of the storage, processing, and speed of the computers. The only thing that makes a server motherboard different is that it is integrated with features that can host multiple computers in a network, and not just a single computer.

Buying for a quality server motherboard can be a tricky task, especially with all the versatility in the market. Bulk Devices offers the best server-class motherboards from popular brands like AMD and Intel in the UK. You can easily buy server motherboards online from our website, and our personnel will assist you with purchasing the best server motherboard online.

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  1. 0TY177

    Dell System Board (Motherboard) for PowerEdge T300...

    £137.24 £114.37
  2. MG026

    Dell System Board (Motherboard) Socket 604 for Pre...

    £704.40 £587.00
  3. X8SIE-B

    SuperMicro X8SIE Server Motherboard Intel 3420 Chi...

    £382.26 £318.55
  4. 619559-001

    HP System Board (MotherBoard) Dual CPU for Z620 Wo...

    £324.12 £270.10
  5. BWV533SBB

    Intel Server Motherboard SE7501WV2 iE7501 Chipset ...

    £271.55 £226.29
  6. X9DR3-F

    SuperMicro Intel C606 Chipset Xeon E5-2600 Series ...

    £512.35 £426.96
  7. MB-X10DRI-O-P

    SuperMicro Intel C612 Chipset Xeon E5-2600 v3 Fami...

    £749.81 £624.84

    Intel S5000PSL SSI EEB 3.6 (Extended ATX) Dual LGA...

    £617.60 £514.67
  9. MBD-X9DAX-7TF-B

    SuperMicro Intel C602 Chipset E5-2600 Xeon Process...

    £1,950.23 £1,625.19
  10. 5187-4294

    HP Motherboard STINGRAY GL6E (ASUS P4SD-LA) V1.05-...

    £181.20 £151.00
  11. MBD-C2SBE-O

    SuperMicro Intel P35+ ICH9 Chipset Core 2 Duo/ Cor...

    £281.36 £234.47
  12. CH846

    Dell System Board (Motherboard) for Precision Work...

    £200.70 £167.25
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