Server Racks & Cabinets

Server Racks and Cabinets

The large number of devices in a network environment or any workplace requires durable and aesthetically-pleasing storage units that can make devices more comfortable to manage and increase their efficiency through appropriate cooling methods. A messy and disorganized workplace can reduce the productivity of your employees. The modern server racks and cabinets featured at Bulk Devices reduce cluttering in your offices and provide a more minimal environment where productivity thrives. The IBM server racks and cabinets can easily make your enterprise network environments more manageable and pleasing. We feature products from some of the most popular brand names. Our products include Hp, Lenovo, IBM, and Dell server racks and cabinets. Modern server racks and cabinets can also provide wire management and storage capabilities that can eliminate the annoying wires for you.

Bulk Devices takes computer hardware shopping to the next level. We have organized a one-stop-shop for all your IT and computer hardware needs. Check out the servers' catalog to find everything you will require to create a proper server system. 

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  1. AF092A

    AF092A - HP 10642 G2 1200mm Deep Shock Rack...

    £1,755.43 £1,462.86
  2. AF014A

    AF014A - HP 10363 36U Graphite Rack with Extension...

    £2,393.18 £1,994.32
  3. 157008-001

    HP 9142 42U Rack Server Cabinet...

    £950.44 £792.03
  4. 120663-B21

    HP 9142 42U Rack Server Cabinet...

    £960.66 £800.55
  5. 732563-001

    732563-001 - HP 1075mm 22U Advanced Rack...

    £2,255.58 £1,879.65
  6. 165753-001

    HP 7142 42U Rack Cabinet Assembly...

    £766.58 £638.82
  7. J4378-04000

    J4378-04000 - HP 6.5ft EIA Rack Server Cabinet...

    £1,142.45 £952.04
  8. 245171-001

    245171-001 - HP 10622 G1 22U Graphite Rack...

    £1,773.91 £1,478.26
  9. 7288033

    7288033 - HP 1075mm Storage Rack...

    £3,194.24 £2,661.87
  10. 7288031

    7288031 - HP 1075mm Storage Rack...

    £3,128.39 £2,606.99
  11. 660502-003

    660502-003 - HP 1075mm Storage Rack...

    £3,062.53 £2,552.11
  12. J3401-60003

    J3401-60003 - HP TSU Telecom Signalling Unit 2U Ra...

    £5,807.72 £4,839.77
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96 items

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