With the advance in technology, almost everything in the communication world has transformed in a way that one way or another it makes use of the internet or IP technology. Bulk Devices provides a calculated and processed service of IP telephony products to enhance your voice over internet protocol, giving you a crystal-clear phone call connection over an IP network.

Cloud telephony

Cloud telephony is the shrewdest way of taking your business communication to a whole new level by storing a business phone system onto a cloud. Bulk Devices retails a multitude of IP telephones from your desired brands like HP, Cisco or Panasonic. Integrating a telephony cloud into your business is bound to change the way your business runs, by ensuring increased productivity, customer satisfaction and reduced costs. It’s time to go telephony!

IP Telephony

IP telephony has replaced the basic cloud phone system in many large corporations due to its greater functionality and effective communication. Bulk Devices offers VoIP phones at cost-effective prices and at the same time guarantees absolute superior quality. Along with IP telephony products, we also have a collection of phone accessories like phone stands and video and audio-conferencing tools for effective conferencing. Looking to upgrade your wired network connection to a constructive wireless one? We’ve got your back here as well! Head over to our inventory of wireless products and get wireless LAN controllers, Wireless access points, Wireless routers, Wireless LAN cards and a plethora of useful Network accessories.

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  1. CTS-MX300-WBK


    £623.16 £519.30
  2. CP-8861-K9

    Cisco 8861 5-Lines IEEE 802.11abgnac VoIP Phone...

    £285.60 £238.00
  3. CP-8811-K9

    Cisco 8811 2x PoE Port RJ-45 VoIP Phone...

    £136.80 £114.00
  4. CP-7841-K9

    Cisco 7800 Series 4-Lines VoIP Phone...

    £151.20 £126.00
  5. SMT-I5210

    Samsung SMT-i5210 IP Phone Handset...

    £152.69 £127.24
  6. 2200-44300-025

    PolyCom CX500 IP Phone for Microsoft Communication...

    £125.60 £104.67
  7. 2201-12450-001

    Polycom SoundPoint IP 450 VoIP PoE Phone...

    £126.91 £105.76
  8. 2200-31000-025

    Polycom CX200 Desktop Phone for Microsoft Office C...

    £207.10 £172.58
  9. 2201-46162-001

    Polycom VVX 410 Gigabit IP Phone...

    £171.60 £143.00
  10. 2200-12365-025

    Polycom Dual Ethernet SoundPoint IP 331 SIP Teleph...

    £115.07 £95.89
  11. CP-6911-C-K9=

    Cisco 6911 Unified IP Phone...

    £173.28 £144.40
  12. CP-MCHGR-7921G

    Cisco 7921G Multi-Charger Unified Wireless IP Phon...

    £327.48 £272.90
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