NAS Servers

NAS Servers

The typical servers are not enough for large network needs, where data sharing is crucial. NAS servers, also known as Network Attached Servers, give your workforce the convenience of accessing and sharing data despite being far apart. Shared storage is one of the many services NAS devices can offer you. We have made things simple for you by compiling the latest and feature-rich servers, saving you time and hassle searching and comparing products. NAS servers featuring the best combination of value for the price, we offer devices for a variety of use-case. We feature NAS servers from Dell, Hp, Apple, Cisco, and many other renowned brands giving you the ability to choose according to your needs. We also feature the best home NAS servers, mostly optimized to provide great value in small-scale applications.

PC Server and Software is a dense category that comprises hundreds of unique devices and software. We have put together the PC server and software catalog, giving you a single solution to all your server needs and problems.

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  1. 322311-001

    322311-001 - HP StorageWorks B2000 v2 512MB RAM NA...

    £5,664.24 £4,720.20
  2. 292047-001

    292047-001 - HP StorageWorks B2000 512MB RAM NAS S...

    £5,846.95 £4,872.46
  3. EH885A

    EH885A - HP StorageWorks D2D120 Intel Celeron 352 ...

    £5,725.14 £4,770.95
  4. 367988-B21

    HP ProLiant DL100 Intel Pentium 4 CPU 2.8GHz 1GB M...

    £7,670.71 £6,392.26
  5. 349039-B21

    HP StorageWorks NAS 1200s Network Storage Server...

    £8,512.76 £7,093.97
  6. 348936-B21

    HP StorageWorks NAS 4000s Network Storage Server...

    £5,196.91 £4,330.76
  7. 340172-001

    HP StorageWorks NAS 1000S M1TB Pentium 4 2.8GHz CP...

    £3,824.68 £3,187.23
  8. BB913A

    HP StoreOnce 3100 4-Bay 8TB Rack-Mountable NAS Ser...

    £705.28 £587.73
  9. PX6-300D

    PX6-300D - Iomega StorCenter 300 MBs Gigabit Ether...

    £1,179.55 £982.96
  10. TS-419U

    TS-419U - QNAP TS-419U Turbo 300MBs iSCSI Gigabit ...

    £213.85 £178.21
  11. NX3300

    NX3300 - Dell PowerVault NX3300 Intel E5-2640 2.50...

    £862.01 £718.34
  12. RN2120V2

    RN2120V2 - NetGear 2120V2 4-Bay 1 x Marvell ARMADA...

    £711.43 £592.86
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197 items

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